Wednesday, March 24, 2010


JULIUS:  Grammy, I need help.  I need to write down ten things that are orange.  Besides an orange.

GRAMMY:  And what do you have so far?

JULIUS:  A pumpkin.

GRAMMY:  That’s it?

JULIUS:  Uh, huh.

GRAMMY:  Well, sweet potatoes are orange. And life jackets.

JULIUS:  Oh, and goldfish.  Remember when we ate one?

GRAMMY:  Yeah. It was kind of yummy. Wasn’t it?

JULIUS:  Kind of wiggly, too.

GRAMMY:  So, what else is orange?

JULIUS:  Clown hair and circus peanuts.

GRAMMY:  Circus peanuts?

JULIUS:  You know.  Those orange squishy candies.

GRAMMY:  Oh, yeah.  Taste like wet cardboard.  Let’s go buy some.

JULIUS:  Really?

GRAMMY:  Sure.  And we’ll get something to drink with our orange peanuts.  How about an Orange Julius?

JULIUS:  But I’m not orange.

GRAMMY:  It’s a drink, boy.  Named after you.  And it just happens to be orange.  But don’t tell your mother.

JULIUS:  Why not?

GRAMMY:  Well, you know how she is with all her health food crap.  She’s not really an orange person.  She’s more into yellows.

JULIUS:  Like cream corn and lemons?

GRAMMY:  You got it, boy.  Like cream corn and lemons.

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