Monday, March 15, 2010


ME:  Grammy, look what Julius did in school.

GRAMMY:  He wrote a poem about Godzilla?  So?

ME:  So look at the sentiment and the emotions involved.  And he’s attributing them to a monster.

GRAMMY:  So?  Monsters can’t have feelings?

ME:  Grammy!  Godzilla destroyed Tokyo.  He murdered millions.  And Julius is feeling sorry for him!

GRAMMY:  Uh, you do know Godzilla is fictitious?

ME:  I know.  But does Julius?  And why would he empathize with monsters?  His psychologist thinks he might have done something awful and now he’s sorry about it and thinking of himself as a monster.

GRAMMY:   Oh, Lord.  The man’s an idiot, and you are too.  We watched Godzilla vs. Mothra last week.  Julius probably felt bad for him.  Hell, he saves Tokyo and everyone still wants to kill him just because he’s a monster.

ME:  Well, can you blame them?  I mean, think of it - having your city destroyed over and over again.  Seeing your loved ones die.

GRAMMY:  The point is, Barbara, he saved them.

ME:  So he could come back and destroy them himself later.

JULIUS: (Whispering to Typhus)  They do know he’s make-believe, right?

TYPHUS:  Maybe we should call your shrink.

Photo:  Godzilla Haiku

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