Friday, April 2, 2010


JULIUS:  Mom!  Grammy!  Look what Typhus gave me.

ME:  A rat?

TYPHUS:  It’s not just any rat.  It’s the Easter Rat.

GRAMMY:  Don’t you mean Easter Bunny?

TYPHUS:  No.  The Easter Bunny’s dead.  The rat killed him.

GRAMMY:  Oh, Lord.

TYPHUS:  It’s true.  My Mom told me.  That’s why I stopped getting Easter baskets when I was six.  The Easter Rat ate the Easter Bunny.

GRAMMY:  Yeah?  So who’s delivering Easter baskets now?

JULIUS:  Nobody.  That’s why I never got one.

ME:  Julius, you never got a basket because . . .

GRAMMY:  Because Typhus is right.  The rat ate the bunny.  Now why the hell do you want to keep a killer rat?

JULIUS:  Someone has to.  Or else he might go out and kill other bunnies.

TYPHUS:  Yeah. It’s like rat jail, Grammy.

JULIUS:  Come on, Typhus.  Let’s go out and play with him.

GRAMMY:  Well, that was one hell of a story, huh?  It explained why the boy doesn’t get a basket, and makes him feel important, too.  He’s saving bunnies from a killer rat.

ME:  I don’t believe you.  Or Typhus.

GRAMMY:  Yeah, well, Julius did.  That Typhus is going to make a great politician some day.

Photo:  Renat Martov

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ColoradoKate said...

I just want to know why the rat is stickin' its tail up its nose.... IS that its tail?