Wednesday, April 14, 2010


JULIUS:  Like my poster, Grammy?

GRAMMY:  A black blur with words too tiny to read?  I’d hang it on my wall.

ME:  It’s not a blur, Grammy.  That’s Earth.  And isn’t that a great quote?

GRAMMY:  Quote?  It’s a dissertation saying we’re all a bunch of worthless nothings.

ME:  Well, it’s true Grammy.  In a way.  The problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.

GRAMMY:  You’re quoting movies now?

ME:  It does suit the message.

GRAMMY:  Yeah, well in my topsy-turvy world, the problems of three people may not amount to a hill of beans, but this is our hill and these are our beans!

TYPHUS:  Hey!  That’s from The Naked Gun.  Wasn’t OJ great in that?

GRAMMY:  Yeah.  Too bad he turned out to be a murderer.  Would have made a hell of an actor.

ME:  Grammy, we’re talking about philosophy here.  And science.  And Carl Sagan.  Not to mention Casablanca, the best movie ever made.  You’re comparing all that to OJ and The Naked Gun?

GRAMMY:  Hey, you watch your movies and I’ll watch mine.  Now get the boy a thumb tack and let him hang up his poster.

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