Tuesday, April 13, 2010


ME:  Where have you been, Grammy?

GRAMMY:  Over at Alfie’s.

ME:  Alfie's?

GRAMMY:  Hey, just because you’re mad at him doesn’t mean I have to be.

ME:  I thought you thought he was weird.

GRAMMY:  He is.

ME:  So why would you go over to see him?

GRAMMY:  I didn’t go over to see him.  I went over to see his friends.

ME:  His friends?

GRAMMY:  He’s got a dozen half-dressed men over there working on some monstrosity.

ME:  A dozen?

GRAMMY:  Give or take.

ME:  Half dressed?

GRAMMY:  And in their prime.

ME:  Well.

GRAMMY:  Well, what?

ME:  Well, why are we sitting here looking at each other?  Let’s go, Grammy.  I think it’s time Alfie and I made up.

Photo:  Jason Florio

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