Monday, February 1, 2010


ME:  What happened Friday, Grammy?  I knocked, but there was no answer.

GRAMMY:  And you didn’t break in?  I’m a hundred years old.  I could have been dead!

ME:  Well, if you were, there wouldn’t have been anything I could do.

GRAMMY:  So you left me here to rot for the weekend?

ME:  I figured you had gone out for a while.  You do have that friend at the old folks’ home.  So what did happen?

GRAMMY:  Oh, I was up all night on that internet thingy, then slept all day.  So what did you do, since you couldn’t hang around here?

ME:  I bought Julius a book.  See?

GRAMMY:  It’s Just a Plant: A Child’s Guide to Marijuana?  You’re kidding me?

ME:  Marijuana is a fact of life, Grammy.  He has to learn about it sooner or later.

GRAMMY:  You won’t teach him about God or Santa Claus, but marijuana is a-ok?

ME:  Marijuana is real.  God and Santa Claus are . . . .  Hey!  Give that back!

GRAMMY:  (tossing book out window)  You want it?  Go get it.  And when you can’t get back in, it’s not because I’m dead.  It’s because I don’t open my door to idiots.

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I'm Jet . . . said...

a new twist! can't wait to see where this is going . . .


wv of the day is sensimilla. what a coincidence!

actually, it's sestisla, which I think is an anagram for sensimilla. or something like that.

Andy said...

It's "Reefer Madness" with Grammy! Excellent.