Monday, February 8, 2010


JULIUS:  What’s that, Grammy?

GRAMMY:  A photo of Mulberry Street.

JULIUS:  Like in the book?

GRAMMY:  Better than the book.

JULIUS:  Wow!  Look at all the people.

GRAMMY:  Yeah.  People weren’t afraid to go out in those days.  See that guy?  He had a bathtub on his fire escape and made his own wine.  Used to let all us kids stomp the grapes.  Until the cops busted his tub because he wouldn’t pay them graft.

JULIUS:  What’s graft?

GRAMMY:  That’s what you pay the cops to make them go away.  And see that store?  You could go in with a nickel and come out with a bag full of candy.  Until the mob busted up the place when Mr. Fantalaro refused to pay protection.

JULIUS:  What’s protection?

GRAMMY:  That’s what you pay the mob to make them go away.  And there’s Viola Di’Odorio.  She had a singing chicken.  Until Angelo Prado shot it for dinner one night.  Yep.  Those sure were the days. (sigh) You know, I think it’s time you had an allowance.

JULIUS:  What’s an allowance?

GRAMMY:  That’s what you pay little boys to make them go away.  Now go buy something and leave me to my memories.

Photo: Souce
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I'm Jet . . . said...

Very cool photo!!!!


wv = fludd as in that is a fludd of people . . .

Mur said...

I always wanted to know the difference between graft, protection, and an allowance. Very nicely summarized!