Friday, February 12, 2010


GRAMMY:  What the hell are you two doing in here?

JULIUS:  Flying.

GRAMMY:  Flying?  That’s my bed you’re destroying.

JULIUS:  Sorry, Grammy.

GRAMMY:  Sorry?  You’re both sorry.  And you, Typhus, you’re old enough to know better.

TYPHUS:  We were just having fun.

GRAMMY:  Well, I’m all for having fun.  But don’t have it in my bedroom or on my bed.  Got it?

TYPHUS:  Yeah.  We got it.

GRAMMY:  Good.  Now take these keys and head on over to Julius’ house.  You can’t fly over there, either, but you can do some diving.

TYPHUS:  Wow.  You got a pool, Julius?

GRAMMY:  Of course he doesn’t.  His mother's a single mom with no job and a leeching ex-husband.  But she does have a king-size waterbed.  Now get the hell out of here.  And have fun.

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