Wednesday, September 23, 2009


ME: Guess what, Grammy? Julius is now a member of the Little Folks Drama Club. He’s going to be acting, just like his father.

GRAMMY: Now there’s something to look forward to. I hope he’s better at it than his father, otherwise you’re going to have two men to support.

ME: I don’t support, Jules, Grammy.

GRAMMY: No. You just give him your hard-earned cash while he loafs. Too bad we don’t live in a time before DNA and fingerprints. We could arrange a nice little accident for the loser. Or better yet, I could challenge him to a duel.

ME: Jules would never agree to that, Grammy. He loathes guns. And why are we even talking about this?

GRAMMY: Damned if I know. You’re the one who brought it up.

ME: Me? I was talking about Julius. They’re picking parts today for Peter and the Wolf. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he got to play Peter?

GRAMMY: Sure would. He’d get to carry a rifle and capture a wolf.

ME: Peter carries a rifle?

GRAMMY: (forming rifle with hands) Sure does. KABOOM!

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So, did Julius get the part?

Barb said...

You'll have to wait and see!