Monday, January 11, 2010


GRAMMY:  So, you never said how your vacation went.  Did you and art boy have a good time?

ME:  We did, Grammy.  We spent some time on the beach.

We did some rock climbing.  Alfie was horrible at it, but at least he tried.

We also got in some deep sea fishing.  Alfie caught a marlin, and Grammy, you wouldn’t believe the size of that thing.

Then we did some sight seeing and spent some time with the locals.

And the night life, Grammy?  You should have seen those clubs.  Me an Alfie actually learned to break dance.

GRAMMY:  What about the casinos?

ME:  What about them?

GRAMMY:  You were in the Bahamas, Barbara.  Are you telling me you didn’t hit one casino?

ME:  I was in the Bahamas, Grammy.  If I want to gamble, I’ll go down to Green’s.

GRAMMY:  Why the hell would you go there?

ME:  Come on, Grammy.  Everyone knows he has a mini casino in his back room.  The produce market is just a front.

GRAMMY:  Really?

ME:  Really.

GRAMMY:  Well, the pictures were nice.  Now I think I'll go buy me some apples.

Photo:  Tom Robinson Photography

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Anonymous said...

I would like some apples, too, please!

I'm Jet . . . said...

I thought you looked a little tan the other day.


Barbara said...

In what denominations, Anon?

Barbara said...

That was the pallor of no sleep, Jet.