Monday, January 4, 2010


GRAMMY:  The ocean in the dead of winter.  Care to tell me why we’re here?

ME:  Jules asked me to meet him here.


ME:  He said he had something important to tell me.

GRAMMY:  Here?  Whatever happened to the local coffee shop?

ME:  He proposed to me here, Grammy.  While we watched the sunrise.

GRAMMY:  Well, I don’t see a car anywhere.

ME:  Jules doesn’t have a car.  He refuses to get one until they’re environmentally friendly.

GRAMMY:  So how’d he get out here, then?

ME:  Taxi.  It’s how he gets everywhere.

GRAMMY:  Oh, right.  I forgot how Green taxis are.

ME:  He sounded strange on the phone.  You don’t suppose he might have . . . you know . . . after seeing me with Alfie?

GRAMMY:  We can only hope.

ME:  Grammy!

JULES:  Good afternoon ladies!

ME:  Jules!  And who’s your friend?

JULES:  Barbara, this is Bambi.  I’ve just proposed and she said yes.  Now, how about a lift home?

ME:  A lift?  (Shoves him into ocean)

JULES:  Hey!  What the . . . .

ME:  Let’s go, Grammy.

GRAMMY:  You know he’s going to freeze to death in this weather.

ME:  We can only hope.

GRAMMY:  (smiling)  Now, that's my girl.

Photo:   Lars Jensen

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