Monday, December 21, 2009


ME:  It feels so good to finally sit down.  My feet are killing me.  I think I walked at least twenty miles today.

GRAMMY:  Serves you right.  What kind of idiot goes Christmas shopping in high heels?

ME:  Lots of women, Grammy.  Some of us care what we look like when we leave the house.

GRAMMY:  Yep.  And some of us are comfortable with who we are.  If God had wanted us to have pointy feet, He would have given us pointy feet.

ME:  You know, Grammy, that really is a stupid remark.

GRAMMY:  Not as stupid as jamming your feet into those things.  Are your feet pointy?

ME:  No.

GRAMMY:  Are the shoes comfortable?

ME:  No.  Not really.

GRAMMY:  Then why would you squeeze your feet into them?

ME:  Because they’re sexy, Grammy, and I like the way I look in them.  Now can we please talk about something else?

GRAMMY:  Sure.  What do you prefer?  World peace or the sucky economy?

ME:  Actually, I was thinking of Jeannie Myers, next door to me.  She got breast implants hoping they’d help her find a husband.  Can you imagine doing something so ridiculous?

GRAMMY:  (sigh)

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Yaya' s Changing World said...

This is too, too funny. What a hoot! I'm afraid I agree with Grammy. My feet have to be comfortable.

Here's hoping your poor little feet feel better quickly. ~ Yaya
Yaya's Home

Barbara said...

Soaking in epsom salts, as we speak!

I'm Jet . . . said...

I'm a tall woman in NH a world where only short men reside. It took having a tall boyfriend who LOVES shoes to show me the light.

As a born again shoe person, I now really, really 'get' the whole shoe/boot thing. I've discovered that what my friend Joan says is true. Some shoes are just for being dropped off at the door, walking to the table, and walking back to the door.