Saturday, December 26, 2009


ME:  Christmas dinner went pretty well, don’t you think, Grammy?

GRAMMY:  I’ll say.  I was sure that ex of yours and his friends would screw it up royally.  And who knew what that weirdo Alfie was going to do or say.

ME:  And I was certain Typhus and his mother were going to be really vulgar.  It’s amazing how everything went so well.  And did you see how they all got along?  It was like everyone seemed to really like everyone else.  Even you were nice, Grammy.

GRAMMY:  Yeah.  Weird, wasn’t it?

ME:  Maybe we should do it again.  You know, for New Years.  Have a little party of sorts.

GRAMMY:  Nah.  It’ll never work.  A Christmas miracle is one thing.  New Years is just . . . well, New Years.

ME:  (sigh)  I suppose you’re right.

GRAMMY:  Of course I’m right.  I’m always right.  Now help me out of this damn chair and let’s hit the mall and return all this crap they gave us.

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Diane Mayr said...

So, we have to wait another whole year before we can experience another miracle? It doesn't seem fair.

Jet said...

Well, Diane. I seem to recall Barb saying she's actually sent out something she's written.

That's something! Maybe she'll surprise us all by continuing that line of thinking in 2010!


PS -- WV is TRUINT. As in I'm sure Typhus has been TRUINT from school on occasion . . .

Barbara said...

Hey, I 'think' about sending things out all the time!

Jet said...

Thinkin' ain't no miracle, Barb.

And funny enough the WV is bryncrampe, which I, of course, read as 'brain cramp'. Don't think too hard, B!

Mur said...

I am becoming quite fond of your little cast of characters, Barb.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Mur!