Wednesday, December 30, 2009


GRAMMY:  Is that you, Barbara?

ME:  Yes, Grammy.  Where are you?

GRAMMY:  In the bathroom.  Call the vet.

ME:  The vet?  Did something happen to snowflake?

GRAMMY:  The damn fish ate her!

ME:  Oh, Grammy.  For a minute I thought you were serious.

GRAMMY:  I am serious.  Now call the damn vet!  Or better yet, pull out the ipecac.  We have to make this fish vomit.

ME:  (sigh)  The things I do to humor that woman.  Where is it, Grammy?

GRAMMY:  In here.  In the medicine cabinet.

ME:  Well, can’t you get it?  You’re already in there.

GRAMMY:  I’m trying to save your damn cat!  So if you ever want to see the stupid thing again, get me that ipecac!

ME:  All right, Grammy.  I’ll get the . . . .  Oh my God!  What have you been feeding that thing?

GRAMMY:  Get me the damn . . . .

ME:  Here.

GRAMMY:  Good.  Now hold the sucker down while I pry its mouth open.  You got it?

ME:  Got it.

FISH:  Blech.

ME:  Snowflake!  You saved her, Grammy!  But the fish . . . it’s . . . dead.

GRAMMY:  Serves the sucker right.  Now how about some fish filets for supper?

Photo:  Stanislav O.

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Diane Mayr said...

I knew there was a reason I didn't like fish!

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Too funny. I always get a chuckle when I come to your site. Thank you.

This is a copy of the same message I am posting in other places. I wanted to visit and thank everyone who has visited or followed any of my blogs. I have so enjoyed this new experience and look forward to getting to know each of you better. May this be a year of joy and prosperity for everyone.

Happy New Year!!!

Keep a hug on,

~ Yaya
Yaya's Changing World

~ Just Joany
Red Wagon Flights

Word Designer

Barbara said...

same to you, Yaya!

Mur said...

This story is very plausible. We once won a goldfish at a school fair. Aimee named him "Otebs" which stood for "On the Edge But Survived." We soon learned that goldfish grow as big as the container you provide for them...