Monday, November 23, 2009


GRAMMY:  Barbara, you’ve gotta find that boy a friend.

ME:  Julius has friends.

GRAMMY:  The kind he can hang out with, or just kids he knows from school?

ME:  Well, they’re from school, but he’s had play dates with several of them.

GRAMMY:  Play dates?

ME:  I arrange it with the other Moms, or they arrange it with me.

GRAMMY:  Lord, you don’t even let him pick his own friends?

ME:  He’s six, Grammy.  I can’t have him running off with kids I don’t know.  Or whose parents I don’t know.  And why are you even going on about this?

GRAMMY:  I’ll tell you why.  Because he’s out in the yard talking to the squirrels.  Squirrels, Barbara.  And you know what’s really sad?  They’re chittering away at each other, ignoring him.

ME:  Come on, Grammy.  That’s utter nonsense.

GRAMMY:  Call it what you want, but I’m telling you, Barbara, that boy needs a real friend.  (sigh)  Good thing he can’t understand squirrel.  I’ll bet you a dollar to a stale donut they’re making fun of him.

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Andy said...

"Good thing he can’t understand squirrel. I’ll bet you a dollar to a stale donut they’re making fun of him."


Poor Julius isn't Barbara's son, he's her victim.



Diane Mayr said...

Sometimes it's better to have squirrels as friends! Maybe Grammy'll get him a dog.

I'm Jet . . . said...

The dog will chase the squirrels!

Andy said...

And then he'll have NO friends, what with the dog getting hit by a car after it chases the squirrels away.