Monday, August 24, 2009


ME: Who’s that, Grammy?

GRAMMY: That’s your grandfather.

ME: No it’s not.

GRAMMY: Okay. It’s not. Because you know who I slept with better than I do. Geez, Barbara, take a look at your father. Take a look at yourself. Where do you think those cheekbones came from? And those eyes?

ME: But then - who was Grampa Joe?

GRAMMY: The man I married. Who else? Your father needed a father and Grampa Joe fit the bill. He was a good man, your Grampa Joe. You should see about getting a man like him for Julius.

ME: I’m not going to marry someone just to give Julius a father. Besides, he already has one.

GRAMMY: A shame, isn’t it. Well, I suppose we could always hire a hit man.

Photo - Library of congress

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